Buddy "Climb" a possibility

G109 Don’t extend in multiple directions. ROBOTS may not extend beyond their FRAME PERIMETER in
more than one direction (i.e. over 1 side of the ROBOT) at a time. For the purposes of this rule, a
round or circular section of FRAME PERIMETER is considered to have an infinite number of sides.
Exceptions to this rule are:
A. MOMENTARY and inconsequential extensions in multiple directions
B. A ROBOT fully contained within its LOADING ZONE or COMMUNITY.

Regarding point B above - Am I reading this correctly that you can extend past 2 sides of your frame as long as you’re in the community? Is anyone considering a Buddy Charge Port balance where the middle robot does the work, and the other 2 are along for the ride?

My team considered the buddy climb pretty heavily on kickoff. It is definitely legal but how feasible it will be time-wise is up for debate still. We are now considering a different climb mechanism that will be more ideal but you were not alone in this thought of a buddy climb.

I mean, you can…
But with such a LARGE platform, are you going to use up that much resources for another potential failure point?


I’m less thinking about the size. 3 robots with a narrow configured KOP frame could feasibly get on the charge port. However, being fixed to one robot changes the control to balance. One “knob” is easier than 3 to get the output you want.

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You are reading it correctly. So you can “collaborate” on a drive up the charge station.

I’m interested in how the charge station performs when one, or two robots, are already on it. Any videos on that out there?

As a slightly different perspective on the same idea, I’d like to note rule G208 (emphasis mine).

Don’t climb on each other unless in the COMMUNITY. A ROBOT may not be fully supported by a partner ROBOT unless the partner’s BUMPERS intersect its COMMUNITY.

With this rule in mind, I’d like to propose a different kind of “buddy climb”. CARRIER BOT!!! A robot that has a flat, sturdy plate or rails on its top, and a ramp it can lower to let other robots drive up on top of it. Now you only have to worry about balancing a single robot!

Saw robots drive onto other robots, then the piggyback set going up the ramp in 2012. Pretty cool.

Also, for reference, this is two full length kitbots on a charge station front to back. So a “tow” method could, feasibly, under the right circumstances, possibly work for an engage.

Really?! I never saw anything like that in 2012 (granted, I don’t think my regional didn’t exactly have a lot of that kind of clever design back then). That’s awesome!

The part I love about tow is that for the majority of robots, this could easily be a last-minute add, since it’ll basically be a hook and maybe a motor, but more probably a spring with a latch, and it could be compatible with all but the densest of bots from other teams.

I thought of another idea too that stays within the limits of the bumper rules:

Obviously this would not work with how our arm is currently drawn, but due to the 48" extension rules I do not believe this would be all that difficult to pull off.

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I see no issues…

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*sob* This is beautiful, and I love it!


I think that could be viable if you worked off the end of the bridge for sure! I think teams would have an easier time doing a triple if this is more common and they make sure that they don’t fail this step and cancel the balance because of the nature of this mechanism.

But then you need to carry the weight of 3 robots up a rather steep ramp, likely tall robots with non-ideal COG, and balance with them in your hold. Unless you are suggesting doing this maneuver once you are on the ramp already.

Not the one I was thinking of, but there was this method.


I was a little bit joking. But, if you’re docked, and other robots could get onto those platforms from there, then a minimal lift wouldn’t affect COG too much. However, I’d love to watch my wheels struggle to move 3 robots. Buy stock in CIM motors

I actually love this. FIRST innovation

I mean, the only extending out of one side kinda kills this no?

Point B is what I see in the rules allowing this.

you are alowed to extend off of infinite sides within the community zone

Two sides of the Charge Station aren’t in the community, so you’re risking a penalty if you extend off or touch carpet on those two sides during your balance.

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