Buddy Climb Endgame

I actually had a crazy thought on this. Some of you may have seen it on another thread, but essentially it is a robot that can climb, carry, and maybe have a basic intake/outake arm. The principle is that it has a flat top with the exception of its climber on the very front, and climbs the middle of the hanging bars. The robot has ramps that extend 12 inches out and raise once 2 robots get on, then the robot raises a few inches up and locks. I know it’s a very outlandish idea, but thats what makes it interesting. This "Parking Lot Robot™"may not be the most reasonable, but from a consistency standpoint, it could get you to worlds with 90 points average a match. Not expecting to see anyone do this though.

I’m working with a rookie team this year. Our climb might just be a static swing hook at 68 inches. The active climber will do all the leveling adjustments and the heavy lifting. We’ll just be a static weight holding the bar steady until they are ready to finish the climb. i consider this the simplest of buddy climbs.

I love this idea. It’s too crazy to spend too much time thinking about, but if someone does attempt it, they’ll have to be careful about touching the upper portion of the Generator Switch, which is not permitted.

I am wondering how a static hook at 44.5 inches would work. Figure 3-9 om the game manual indicates that the lowest position for the switch would be 4ft 2 1/4 in. (50.25 inches). Are you talking about having a hook rotate upwards and the pivot be at 44.5 inches?

Can you quote that rule? If you’re thinking of G26, it doesn’t say touching.


You’re right, thank you for pointing that out. G26 restricts:

A. Grabbing
B. Grasping
C. Attaching (including the use of hook tape to anchor to the FIELD carpet and excluding use
of the PLAYER STATION hook-and-loop tape, plugging in to the provided power outlet, and
plugging the provided Ethernet cable into the OPERATOR CONSOLE)
D. Deforming
E. Becoming Entangled
F. Damaging
G. Suspending from

to the handle portion of the switch (the Rung bar and a small bit of the support structure). I guess teams can lean against the rest of the Switch structure as long as the interaction doesn’t meet any of the definitions above.


I think you’re ok to touch the other alliances zone so long as you don’t touch theirs bots or switch.

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This was something we looked at very carefully. It’s going to be critical for some climbers to understand what this rule actually says.

Q&A 107 will hopefully provide some clarification.

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I’ve given this idea a lot of thought. It is really appealing because you could just have a climber intentionally pull down one end, but not get on, to let you hook into place - and then they could hang from wherever they want afterward.

The main thing is, you have to extend up to get your hook in the air anyway, you can’t have a purely static hook. From there it is not much of a stretch to go back down with at least a pneumatic or something.

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And it pretty much did:

107 Contact with SHIELD GENERATOR above the HANDLE

During endgame, Is it acceptable for a robot to contact a portion of the GENERATOR SWITCH above the HANDLE,so long as G26 is not violated? Consider a robot which is suspending from and grasping the RUNG, but also contacts a vertical face of the GENERATOR SWITCH above the HANDLE. Would that robot be in violation of rule G26? Would the contact above the HANDLE section prevent endgame credit for HANGING or LEVEL, even if that non-grasping contact is still in place 5 seconds after match end?
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As long as G26 is not violated, there are no restrictions on how ROBOTS can interact with any part of the FIELD.

Unfortunately, we cannot comment absolutely on hypothetical scenarios. The ultimate decision would be determined by the REFEREES at your event, with the final call made by the Head REFEREE.

Sorry yes you’re right I did an edit to 68 inch swing hook but without any winch to lift.

Last year we had a short dyneema string hanging down below the robot and touching the face of the Hab. In practice matches they told us “that qualified as not fully supported by the level”.

I don’t know how a string could provide support.

By this definition if you are touching anything but what is ruled acceptable you might be deemed a non climb.

The string has mass and is a part of your robot. The portion of the string that was contacting the floor was supported by the floor. Therefore, a portion of your robot’s mass was supported by the floor.

It can seem silly, but that’s the way the rules are written. Better to make everything 100% clear.


Uhgg, GDC! The question was clearly and unambiguously stated. Just answer the question! Grrr.

Is anyone else reading the last item in Team Update 2 (l1.), the same as I am, or have I just been up waaaaaay too long?..That is, if the task requires the assistance of “another robot” to complete, such as a buddy hang, then the attaching item (a Buddy Bar lets say, or some other attaching component or item), is no longer considered a “Major Mechanism”?

So, is “Cheese Cake” back? (Mmmmmm good. I love cheesecake). Please, oh please bring on lots of cheesecake to the triangular Infinite RechargeSM buffet table.

Does that really mean (what I read it to mean), that if we can prove trust, and you agree to trust us in 2020, that I can hand you a buddy bar, or some other attaching device, and you can simply bolt it on or otherwise attach what “we built” to your beautiful newly built robotic device. And we can now (much more simply), just go hang out together!

Let’s discuss the possibilities here.

Does anyone out there read I1. differently than I do?


The way I read it is that you can cheesecake adapters for your stuff (I.E. hook and loop tape for wrangling), but not something that can function independently from you (I.E. a shooter)
From I1 (emphasis mine):

A MAJOR MECHANISM is a group of COMPONENTS and/or MECHANISMS assembled together to address at least one (1) game challenge: robot movement, game piece control, field element manipulation, or performance of a scorable task without the assistance of another ROBOT

This would imply that so long as they cannot climb on their own, it is not a MAJOR MECHANISM, and can be cheesecaked.


That is exactly how I read. it.

Can someone put a link to this update? I can’t find it. Thanks.


Then scroll down and click on Team Update 2.

Scroll again to the bottom section of the update concerning ( I1.) Or Inspection 1.

Sry on my pad and linking did not work, so copy, past and replace the (dots) above with .'s

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