Budget Cuts

Are money cuts this year affecting many teams? I was just wondering since last year was a bad year for some team since the 9/11 happenings.

maybe i am not quite sure, our team took on 166 last year so we have budget cuts from that. i am not sure though, our sponser gets its income from the government, so i assume not


Uhh…we have no budget to get cut :stuck_out_tongue: We’re always in the red! woo!

I would let you know, except I have no idea of how much dough our team actually has.

Apparently, we’re going to need a bit more funding this year, though no student on our team knows what’s going on with the money.

We’re lucky and are getting a bit more from our main sponsor (United Technologies Research Center), and we’re working on getting coca-cola. I’ve seen teams sponsered by pepsi, but not coke.

We’ve got the same funding we had last year, but we got our funding cut a lot last year (down to $12K), so we’re still not in a good position. We’re hoping to pick up another sponsor, so hopefully we’ll get back to our 2001 level ($35K).

Lockheed Martin Naval Defense Systems is our main sponsor. if anyone has seen in the news, they lost some couple billion dollar projects to Boeing and other companies. we normally have it in our budget to go to nationals every other year (this is one of the years we are supposed to go) but our budget does not have enough to go to nats. It is now my responsibility to raise that money. (Darn it sucks to be fundraising chairperson.) any suggestions for fundraiser? e mail me. PLEASE!!!

cyberblue last year sold donut coupons to members of our school/community from krispy kream. it did well, but not enough to go to nats, i don’t think. “shirtback” sponsors ($200 for a business card size logo on back of shirts) worked well, too.

actually for us, despite budget cuts we seem to be bringing in more $$cash money$$ infact, we just found out today that we are being sponsored by a company in pheonix. :smiley:

Humn… our usual primary sponsors (Raytheon, Minimed, CSUN), and all the smaller companies will probably give the same as last year… but the school has cut the $10K extra funding they provide to make the team into a school class because of “District wide budget cuts”. So we have to convince them to get the money form somewhere else, pay up ourselves, or not have a school class for the team.

Our funding comes strictly from Xerox. The Rochester City School District does not fund the FIRST teams which is a good thing because there was a budget defitict of 49 million dollars last year and the X-Cats would have no doubt been the first to go!

None of our supporters were affected by 9/11 in such a way to affect our team.

If anything we have MORE money this year than last.