Budget Eats at Worlds?

How do you handle lunch and dinner for your team? Box lunches are a whopping $16/pp - which is frustratingly expensive. We want to eat together, to at least check in with team members. Is there room to sit down outside? Is there a covered area for the pasty-colored nerds of the north?

We are used to having cafeteria space (another unforeseen bonus of districts) and parents grabbing pizza or subs or on lucky events, home cooked food.


There’s the Discovery Green right across the street that I know 3128 and many other teams normally congregate and eat in for lunch. It’s slipping my mind if the area is covered though and I do recall it getting a little toasty :frowning:
The other congregating area for lunch I can think of us using the Houston Downtown Tunnel System to get food as a team. Pre-COVID, I want to say there were a fair amount of tables and seating at each of the little eats down there but someone whose been by Houston in the last 3 years might need to correct me on any changes.

Discovery green is a very large park just across the street. There are trees and a few covered areas.

Just a recommendation: it might be overkill but if you’re really worried about getting burned, bring sunscreen. Most of the park is grass but there’s still sidewalks, tall reflective buildings, etc. nearby.

I was just there for FiT DCMP.

The hallways are very large and can be used to eat in. Outside there are many little places to sit and eat (like large benches). You can most likely find somewhere to eat with no problem.

Cheap food is another story…

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We have done Jimmy John’s boxed lunches, Potbelly sandwiches (platters), there is Chick-fil-a boxed lunches, and several other downtown restaurants. If you can get someone to coordinate orders and do either pickup or delivery these are great and drop the price down to $10-12.


Thank you for asking this question. The logistics and cost of feeding a team will be important for many, especially for those on a budget. Following…

In '19 we had parents pickup sandwich supplies from local grocery stores. We just ate in the shade of the convention center along the windows


For dinner what I do is go on google maps and search for restaurants around the venue by clicking on the restaurants button. You can then filter results based on price ($ means it’s cheaper than $$$$) and by stars. Then once I have a few places down, I’ll call them to see if they take reservations and if they do I make a reservation. We also will look for a pizza place with sheet pizzas for the first night since we are all tired from the trip and we usually will do some form of fast food on another day. For worlds though finding cheap places within a reasonable distance that takes reservations has been difficult though.

You can go to The Phoenician. It’s a market featuring gourmet goods, deli, produce, cheese, wine, meats, bakery & prepared food. Also Halal.

Service options: Curbside pickup · No-contact delivery · No dine-in
: 12141 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77077

Open ⋅ Closes 9PM

Health & safety: Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits · Safety dividers at checkout ·

Order: (https://westheimer.phoeniciafoods.com/


This is good to know! My 12 year old considers toum (garlic sauce) an essential food group and the prepared salads look wonderful.


I hate to share this particular secret, but yes, the Phoenician Grocery is the way to eat at Champs in Houston. The whole team has options and everyone loves the food. I guess we will have more company at our favorite spot this year!


Perhaps an important note is that Phoenicia is just one block up from the Discovery Green at Austin St. and Lamar. Don’t send the team on a 17 mile trek out to Westheimer Rd.


Correct! Thanks for catching that! I posted the one closest to my home. Here is the correct information. • 1001 Austin Street • Houston, TX 77010
• Complimentary parking is available in the One Park Place garage. Garage entrance is located on McKinney St. between Austin and La Branch.
• (832) 360-2222
• Hours of operation:
Mon-Wed: 9 AM - 7:30 PM
Thurs-Sat: 9 AM - 8 PM
Sun: 9 AM - 6 PM


Oh this looks fun, I’ll definitely be looking into this. Thanks for this info!

At FiT Champs this past weekend:
We got lunch from The Cajun Stop , Pizza Hut, Wokker (underground market)
All were fairly reasonable in price and close by

For FiT DCMP, we walked the whole team to Chick Fil A on Thursday - I don’t recommend, we stood waiting for a good half hour - order ahead and have someone pick it up. Pizza was our other easy cheap option.

The Houston temps haven’t gotten crazy, just yet, so Discovery Green should be nice, especially if you grab shade under a tree. If you fear the Day Star, while GRB is a “no outside food or drink” place, I think for 2019 worlds they relaxed and let teams eat inside (don’t take that as gospel tho).

We found it hard to eat in Houston. Most places closed early like 3 pm. Most days we ate at a burger place or the market place nearby.

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Have heard great things about the Phoenician.

And Toum is shockingly easy to make at home (your 12-year-old has excellent taste)

Please don’t do this. The Tournament Director for the FiT DCMP was saying this last weekend that the GRB could have asked you all to leave but didn’t because there weren’t a lot of you.

Another vote for Phoenicia! They are a small shop and are very popular with the people working in the nearby office buildings so they will take a while to serve a large group.

There is a Kroger 1.9 miles to the east of GRB. We used to pre-order sandwich platters for our sons swim team from the Kroger Deli counter. They were pretty tasty and inexpensive. You should call them to find out how much notice they need. They also sell fried chicken pieces and roast chicken pieces that that can be purchased in large quantities and are very cost effective. There is a second Kroger 3.7 miles to the west.

There is a Randalls 1.6 miles southwest of the GRB. They have really good fried chicken that can be purchased in large quantities.

There is a Whole Foods 2.1 miles southwest of the GRB. I don’t know if that can be considered “budget eats” though.

There is an H E B (high-quality Texas regional grocery chain) 3.7 miles to the southwest of the GRB.


Lake House in Discovery Green had decent basic fare. But not like a whole team thing, but if you want to grab something nearby for less than food truck fare prices. MENU — The Lake House