Bug: delete_thread() undefined function

Went to go delete one of my threads, and got this:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: delete_thread() in /home/chiefdel/public_html/forums/editpost.php on line 727

That and I was never a fan of the inability of thread starters to change the name of the thread.

Known bug, fixed in next version. And you can change the name of the thread, within a few minutes of creating it. After that, you need to ask me to change it. They put this limit in to avoid confusion later on.

I understand the confusion part, but rather than within a few minutes, do you think you can make it to be within say, 2 replies? As the thread I linked to shows, sometimes you don’t realize you should change the thread title until someone tells you.

It is a time limit, so instead of the 5-minute default, I bumped it up to 25 minutes.