Bug: Login Problems - Session timeout value too low?

Again, I’m posting more of a VB bug than a bug that Brandon can fix, but regardless…

I tried to login during school. It seems that if you don’t have the “Remember Me” box checked, well, you login fine, but after the Login Successful screen, when you’re redirected, you are not logged in anymore.

Actually, I experimented it a little bit more… you’re logged in for a little bit (few seconds), but after that, you’re logged off.

…which makes me refute my first sentence. Brandon, can you double check the session timeout preference? My guess is its accidentally set too low.

Then again, it could be just something funny that my school network does. Can someone else check if they are also expieriencing this problem?

It should be set to 900 seconds (15minutes)

Is your account set to use cookies? If so, does your comptuer accept cookies?

Speaking of timeout errors…

Is there **any possible way **of not receiving the same e-mail about the same thread many times if I already have one there in my inbox?

Is there any way for the CD e-mailer to recognize if their is already an e-mail with the same name in my inbox and not give me many (re: 9 or more of one particular reply) to a thread… What a nightmare!! My inbox has grown exponentionally since just last week, and most of the e-mails are the same ones repeated which I have not had a chance to read yet, but I keep getting the same topic reply notification.

:ahh: :eek: :frowning:

You can set your email preferences to receive one email per day (or week), rather than one per reply … that may help a bit.

hmm… well I tried it at home now, and it seems to be working fine. I guess its just some silly thing my school network proxy does. Oh well, disregard this thread, then.