Bug Reporting??

Does anyone know where we should go to report bugs in the library and/or the documentation?

The online documentation describes a CanTalonSRX, yet this class does not exist in the WPILib EXCEPT in the WPILib.h file. Use CANTalon instead.

Where exactly?

The bottom of each article has a forum to post suggestions/errors.

CanTalonSRX is used by CANTalon. CANTalon is meant to be used by teams as it implements some additional class interfaces.

Yes. The screensteps does have space for suggestions; but the WPI C++ documentation site doesn’t. I would suggest they mention in the doc for CanTalonSRX that it is an internal class and teams should use CANTalon.

It’s no big deal now, but it is confusing.

For Talon SRX specifically check out the Software Reference Manual…
…bottom of the page. Also has docs for the other control system components.

For everything else I usually defer to FRC screensteps.