I think I see a bug in the code somewhere. On the front page, the name Marjory “Frosty” is displayed as Marjory"Frosty". Something’s converting an already converted name. Basically it’s going through the transformation to HTML twice which doesn’t work in this case.



I hope you understand what I meant in my post. Apparently what I typed got converted to. And what’s up with the PS?


…but I couldnt figure out that quote either.

It was a joke I heard last week… I thought it was hillarious, but … i was also on my 20something’th hour of the day, and my 20something’th hour of work for that day, so I was probably tired and anything was funny.

but anyway… M…N…O…P…Q…R…S…T…U…

eliminate Q and R


yea, dumb.
/me changes his signature.

And here I thought it was something like you’re Q and R keys were broken on your keyboard. :wink:

But the wierd thing is changing your signature applies it rectoactively. Now I can go back and change history! Wait, I don’t use a signature. Never mind.


Changing or adding a picture changes all your previous posts too. I put a picture of myself (sort of) after posting for a few times and all my previous posts had my pic in them too. Man I love technology!!!

i got the joke in brandons signature…moslty cuz when i first saw it i was like ‘what the…’ and sat here for a full 30 minutes puzzling over it…eventually i figured it out