Build a robot in a day

Because of the withdrawal of a team from the Connect A Million Minds FIRST Robotics Invitational, our team is building a second robot for this year’s game. The team leaders decided on a “build a robot in a day” project. We are using last year’s chassis and a design we settled on last week for a simple arm with a pneumatic lift and a Vex parts roller grabber. We are making a time lapse video of the build, which is being done in the garage of one of our team leaders because our shop (and the whole wing of the school) are filled with tables, shelves, desks, chairs and computers due to renovation. I am including a photo taken just after the three hour mark of the build. (The only thing on at this point are the drive motors, gear boxes and wheels.) We were in a break to decide what kind of food to order, and whether to go with a simpler but less versatile design.

any update? :slight_smile:

It almost works. It drives, the arm goes up and down, but the grabber servos didn’t work, so we are going to make one more attempt to make it work with a window motor. Once I figure out how to shorten it I will post the time lapse video.