Build Counts

Well into our build time we started breaking an overwhelming amount of blades/bits… so we decided to start a count. Here are the results:

Dremel blad count: 42
Drill Bit count: 8
Car A-Arm count (axel): 1 (yes we had someone hit a curb with his car and bent his axel…)
Broken Victor Count: 4 (3 of them were found at the regionals)
Large CIM motor: 1
Trial and Error Count: Infinity and 6

Anyone else make a tally of anything else? Or did anyone else break as many things as us? Hehe…

We can probably count a fender and parking light then…my son driving to the robotics meeting near the beginning of the build

I believe for my team, the list is something like…
1 drill (it just stopped working while we were using it o_o)
2 drill bits
1 missing center punch
1 victor

P.S. My dad can totally rock car axles if you send it over here. j/k… but he can! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well if we are counting car accidents on the way to robotics meetings, then we’ll have to count Lindsey’s whole car, which was totaled when she was blindsided by a truck full of immigrants with no drivers license.

Well… we have another car that was totaled on the way home from regionals… they were rear ended and cause a 5 car pile up… including a huge van. And yah… the guy who bent the axel has a new car now. But yah… apparently robotics causes a lot of car accidents…

That sounds familiar…

Last year a guy on our team was driving home from a regional and was following his dad and rear ended his car. Totaled his car and wrecked his dad’s.

could be something to do with all that thinking that this stuff requires…it’s easy to let your mind drift off on some engineering problem while you’re driving.

I think members of our team cumulatively had 3 funerals to deal with this build season. We had to share our machine shop with another team, and they sold off I think 1 or 2 mills and lathes from the shop. I broke a centerdrill. I broke the plug on our Dewalt chop saw. Students broke 2 keyway broaches and a crbide tipped lathe cutter. At the regional, we busted a big and a small CIM. I think that about does it.