Build date

Does the end of the build date have to include the bumpers?

Per R15, the answer is no.

No, bumpers are not included. Also, keep in mind that you can add 30 lbs. to your robot at competition :slight_smile:

But remember you have to attach them to your robot, so you would at least have to put mounting brackets on before stop built. If you didn’t have time for that you could put them on before your robot gets inspected at your first competition.

Given that your bumper integrity is part of inspection, you most certainly will have them on before you can get inspected.

Unless you’re building a “twin” practice robot (not just a prototype in addition to the competition robot), I’d recommend at least building the attachment hardware and wooden backing before you bag. Be sure to leave enough room for the fabric to wrap around. Then you can add noodles, fabric, and numbers at relative leisure between stop build and your first competition.

If you plan any drive practice before you bag (STRONGLY recommended), have bumpers. They will interfere with many boulder pickups and defense crossings. At the very least, put bumpers in those places where it matters. Of course, if you’re planning a full-contact practice before you bag (recommended; this will be our first year doing this), you will absolutely want at least prototype bumpers for this practice.