Build failed in code for gazebo

/home/izac/wpilib/cpp/current/ant/build.xml:238: Execute failed: Cannot run program “linux_simulate/FRCUserProgram”: error=2, No such file or directory
If someone could help me with this, is an error that happend when I try to run a code to gazebo I already install correctly the world but it just do not let me run the code.

we update the the libs references, we eliminate the sections that said frc
we think that because the libs are not updated the object is abstract
the new error we found is this one
“because the following virtual functions are pure within “TankDriveJoystick””
this one too"invalid new-expression of abstrac class type “TankDriveJoystick”"

Can you give a bit more context to what you’re attempting to do and maybe post your code? I’m seeing something that might indicate that you’re running this in simulation mode and not deploying it to the robot?? You should be building it and then doing a “Run As->Deploy” if you’re trying to execute it on the roboRio directly.


I am trying to run this in a simulation
this is the code

I am trying to run this in a simulation
this is the code

put you code

In Here
by using .CODE]

with out the “.” in

We should be able to help if you do. also try to make a repository in GitHub and post the link here.