Build fails - says vision component in evaluation mode

We can deploy the default FRC arcade drive project debug code to the RoboRIO with no problem but when we build the same project for preparation of the startup RoboRIO code we get a message saying something like this:
Build specifications use vision acquisition software currently in evaluation mode. Unable to disconnect type definitions and remove unused polymorphic VI instances.

It suggests choosing a different option in the additional exclusions page and rebuild.

I checked the vision acquisition component activation status and it does appear to be activated and has the correct serial number.

Any ideas? Do we need to re-install the vision acquisition component? If so, what is the procedure for the re-installation?

You should not have to install it. But you may have to mess with the activation/licensing. For this, it may be best to launch the NI License Manager located at Program Files/National Instruments. It should slow all of the SW that is installed and the state of the license. It will also give you a chance to install a different code for a component.

There are two different vision packages installed, IMAQdx is used to acquire the images from the camera. The second, VDM or Vision Development Module, is used for processing and analysis of the images.

Verify that both of them are green, and see if any FRC things are in eval mode. If they are, and entering the serial number provided doesn’t help, please contact support using the forums or the phone and let them look at things from their end.

Greg McKaskle

I’ve had the same problem on each of the Classmates I’ve installed the FRC Update on. Although it probably isn’t Classmate related, I just have been helping local teams install the software and that’s the most common platform.
I initially talked with NI Support, but they didn’t have an answer at the time. They might have a solution by now (I did hit them with it the Monday after Kickoff).

The temporary bypass for this problem is to comment out the Vision in Robot
That just prevents the use of the USB camera or any vision processing on the roboRIO.

Thanks Mark,
commenting out the vision code is exactly what we’ve had to do to deploy our prototype code but we’re going to need to work with the vision fairly soon.

If it matters, we did not uninstall the LabView from last year in order to preserve compatibility with our 8-slot cRIO. We have LabView 2013 & 2014.

Thanks for discussing this with NI.

Same issue, but after running the Ni License Manager it picked out the two vision modules and activated them. I had to re-enter the serial number and all is good now on my laptop.

This finally worked.
In License Manager go toLabVIEW 2014 ->Vision Acquisition Software August 2014 -> Vision Acquisition Software
and right-click to choose Deactivate, then right-click to choose Activate.
Reenter your serial number, etc.
Then stop and restart LabVIEW if it is running, or reboot the computer if you feel like it.
Try to Build as a test.

If that works then I’d Deactivate/Activate each of the yellow License Manager items that do not have a license expiration date of Friday January 15, 2016

On my computers this issue might have been related to the incorrect license expiration date issue that NI resolved.
In the License Manager although it said each component was activated there were two anomalies:

  • There was no field for Serial Number (which appears on a good installation I have)
    *]The license expiration date was Tuesday November 03, 2015 (a good activation shows Friday January 15, 2016)
    Since Deactivate/Activate didn’t help a couple of weeks ago before the separate expiration issues was resolved, I suspect it may have been related.

Thanks Mark,
I never knew you could de-activate the license.
I’ll give it a whirl.
Thanks again,

Just to let everyone know. We were able to resolve this issue by re-installing LabView on our laptop. We did not need to uninstall our older 2013 LabView which will allow us to maintain support for our older 8-slot cRIO.
By the way, the yellow boxes next to the activated components shown in the license manager just means that the component is activated but has a time limit (Jan 15, 2016). Our older 2013 version shows a green box meaning it does not expire.
That wraps this issue up for us.