Build Options

In IFI’s fix for the 8.2 - 8.3 Voltage Issue and Large Code configuration, the illustration of the Build Options window shows a “-k” parameter in the Alternate Settings box. Ours didn’t already have it. Should we add it? Is it the parameter that defaults chars to unsigned?

doesnt the compiler documentation explain those settings?

I havent read it, I’m just wondering

From the MPLab C18 User’s guide. That’s the only thing I could find on the param.

Yes, that’s what the -k signifies. Setting it should only matter in your code as the libraries are precompiled with their own setting and a byte is a byte when passed.

However, from my standpoint the “fixes” aren’t. I used Timer1 and Timer3 to measure robot wheel speed. Even with the fixes in place, Timer3 wasn’t working properly. Actually, make that Timer3 just appeared to not work at all.

I know of at least one other team that was never able to get their code to function properly on the 8722 based controller (2006). They were allowed to fall back and use the 8520 based controller (2005, 2004) where their code DID work properly. I know my code exectuted properly on the 8520 before I moved it to the 8722.

Basically, this controller issue cost us a working autonomous.