Build problems: MPLink 4.15 Linker... help?

Hey guys! we’re having some problems over here…

I’m putting the programming software on my laptop (thinkpad T series runing Vista) and i’ve ran into some problems

ok, I have MPlab up and running with the source code and i’m pretty sure the compiler’s ok, but his is what happens when I try to build:

once it gets to MPLINK 4.15 Linker, i get an error:
Error - Coff file format for ‘.main.o’ is out of date
Errors : 1
link step failed

Debug build of project ‘C:\Users…\FrcCode.mcp’ failed
Preprocessor symbol ‘_DEBUG’ is denied.
Sat Jan 12 14:00:37 2008

any ideas?

That usually means the object files were compiled with mixed versions of the compiler, i.e., version 2.4 vs. v3.x.

What version of the compiler are you using?
The one that came in the KOP is v2.4, but the downloadable version is 3.10 or 3.15.

allright, i’ll reinstall everything and see if that works

Yuup, I reinstalled everything straight off the CD and it’s working