Build program

I have a problem in build program
do you can help me?

That looks like you’re missing the crio driver in your install…

I would recommend re-running the frc tools installer and making sure the “crio” tools are selected when you get to the “what to install” (paraphrasing here, I’m not at my keyboard).

If you were trying for a smaller install, you can deselect the functional safety editor, but you need most (if not all) of the other defaults.

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Did this used to work, or has it never worked? If the former, did you activate/license LabVIEW or are you using the trial?

Two years ago it worked

Ahh. You may have had some licenses expire. The standard FRC licenses are good for a year or so.

The FRC Game Tools for the FRC 2022 season have not been released yet. So it wouldn’t be possible for you to have things fully setup for the upcoming season.

Have you installed LabVIEW within the past month or so? If not, you’re on an old version and will need to follow all the instructions at after you see the FRC 2022 Game Tools are released here.

It is possible that you have successfully completed a portion of the instructions so far. If you would like to post screenshots of the following, it would help determine what step in the process you’re at.

  1. From almost any LabVIEW window → View [menu at the top of the screen] → Getting Started Window…
  2. From almost any LabVIEW window → Help → About LabVIEW… → Please hide your serial number if it is shown


I forget my serial number

Thanks for the screenshot. It also looks like you’re on LabVIEW 2019 which was used for the 2020 and 2021 FRC seasons. Based on past precedent and the software that was recently released, the 2022 game manual will probably require you to upgrade to LabVIEW 2020 for the coming competitions.

You’ll probably need to follow the instructions at the link I posted above.

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