Build Season Celebration Show on FIRSTtv - Get your submissions in!

Hey CD!

I wanted to remind the community about the Build Season Celebration show on FIRSTtv this Friday, Feb 22nd at 7:30pm EST. The show will feature our illustrious hosts, DeejayKnight, @Libby_K, @Karthik , @shado_temple and Jay Flores!

We will be celebrating team submitted videos - BE SURE TO GET YOURS IN! Use the form at to send in your video. Whether it’s a robot reveal, highlights from your build season or season hype memes, we welcome all videos, and you can submit them all the way through Friday afternoon!

Even if you’ve already released your robot reveal video, or it’s an older build season vlog-style video update - all submissions are welcome! We want to be able to amplify your team’s efforts and Make It Loud!

Don’t forget to follow our Twitch channel and to tune in THIS FRIDAY at 7:30pm EST. See you there!



I’m super hyped to head down to Manchester for this show. Each year there’s a few team videos that blow my mind; some for the robots, some for the music, and some just because they’re hilarious. I can’t wait to see what you’ve all come up with!


Very excited for this. 1923’s submitted their video, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the teams have to offer. I got a snippet of the list from @whytheheckme and you DON’T want to miss this.

Even if your video is already released - (looking at you, zillion-Chief-threads) - submit your team so we can talk about how awesome you are! There’s no restriction on publication before the show.

See you all tomorrow!


Hot dang, my old CD account still works! Really looking forward to help celebrate the end of this year’s build and see all of your beautiful creations!

A little birdie just told me that we’ll be airing videos from 118, 610, and 1678 on the show!!!


Is there a list and links of teams that revealed this Build Season Celebration show but not at FUN’s #OGRobotReveal? What to make sure I didn’t miss any teams without watching the 2+ hours show.

You can find the playlist with all of the videos played, as well as some others that were submitted that were not played, right here!


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