Build season comes with so many stupid ideas

I got bored and drew this up in like 5 minutes. It amused me for about 5 more minutes after that. Hopefully it can bring you 5 minutes of joy as well.

And yes, that is a large bag.:yikes:

somebody on my team suggested a large helium balloon hahaha
that would never work (within the rules of course haha)

True, but I’m thinking this would be within the rules. Just use compressed air and in the last 20 seconds let it out into the bags. The right bag would have to be a little smaller to get the tilt… and I love how much thought I’ve put into this highly impractical idea.

How about this idea. I reckon we could incorporate it into our robot design:

It’s a neat idea, but be sure to read the rules to see if it’s legal. Pneumatics are kind of strange…

yeah, I’m sure there is something preventing it from being legal. Not even going to bring it up to the team – just for giggles.:smiley:

Got to love though that XKCD had a comic about FIRST. But I do love the original pic, I like the face that shows up and everything. Awesome idea, almost like an airbag, except you would want it to explode a little slower than an airbag though.

Umbrella robots will rule the competition field this year!:smiley:

FWOOMP! :smiley:

“Okay guys! lets test this out!”
“Okay, clear! Im going to press the button!”
“This was such a great idea!”
looking at hole in ceiling
“Was it supposed to go that high?”
“How high is the tower again?..we might be able to hook onto the ISS…how many points would that give us?”