Build Season Extensions

A bit early to start talking about this, but with all the snowstorms it seems very relevant. I seem to recall in previous years First HQ extending build season to account for weather delays (my team has already missed 4 due to snow). Does anyone know how this process works? Also how many days has everyone lost due to weather?

The only time build has ever been extended was by a matter of hours, and it was due to a storm on ship day, which prevented fedex from doing their thing back in the day when we all crated up and shipped our robots to every regional. It last happened over a decade ago.

In recent years, there have been mid-season increases to the withholding allowance (2010 and 2014 come to mind.) I wouldn’t be surprised to see this again this year.

To my knowledge the build season has never been extended by HQ (I stand corrected, though as Joe said, it was only by hours). Previous years have compensated large amounts of storms with a higher withholding limit to bring to competitions, though.

I wouldn’t be surprised if FIRST is phasing out those sorts of compensations though-- it seems like every year there’s a group of teams with significant lost build time.

That has never happened. The only thing I recall HQ doing was increasing the withheld weight allowance.

The south-east has had a warmer winter this year. Our only snow this year came back in November. Keep in mind that snow in the south east is often times more catastrophic for southern cities because most don’t have the infrastructure in place to deal with it at all.

I know build season has been extended in the past for specific teams, but it was usually because they received their KOP like a week late. But I don’t recall anything for weather.

By this point last year, we had missed at least as many days from the cold… In fact, I think the first 3 days of build were missed! No extension on the build season. This year, we haven’t missed any days (in fact, we had a ridiculously warm January, with pretty much no snow).

Delays and unplanned missed time is, unfortunately, a reality in engineering projects. Teams (not just FIRST teams, but professional teams as well) should always plan ahead, include a sizeable buffer in their efforts, and ensure that even with unplanned delays they can deliver on time.

We have missed 6 days this season due to snow days.

I honestly don’t think they would extend it for only about a week shorter build season. Our team has just started building our robot yesterday. We spent the first 4 weeks doing CAD and planning etc. so in a way, we have missed like 3 weeks ::ouch:: ::ouch::

I assume you’re referring to 2003? The deadline was moved from Tuesday to Thursday due to a giant storm.

The ship date was also extended in 2004 due to KOP issues.

Don’t expect any days to be added to build season.

Instead use this as an opportunity to show the judges at the competition what obstacles you had to overcome and how you overcame it.

Today will make day 5 for us.

Here is the issue in Chicago. We are working out of a shipping container and I had to blow the snow out of the front of it so we could get in. The drift on the right side is about 5 feet high.

We missed 5 days last year. It hurt.

So this is what it has come to? WildStang is now the boxcar children?

—back on topic----
The Average Joes have missed a few days, mostly in week 1. I think the total is five up to now.

Be careful about speaking in absolutes, especially when you’re incorrect. As Joe Ross pointed out that there is a precedent for extending the build season (2003 and 2004).

However, that was before the withholding allowance existed, and when teams had to actually crate and ship their robot away. Now it seems more plausible for other mechanisms to be used, if needed, to offset for time lost due to weather.

I don’t think FIRST is going to give us any extension. Last year, my team lost a whole week and we couldn’t even go on bag and tag so I would just get everyone focused for the next two weeks so you can get something in the bag, but also don’t forget about the 6 hours you can take the robot out the bag if you are in a district model.

I know some areas of MA were hit really hard last week with some out Tuesday-Friday with another storm this Monday… and another the week before.

Definitely do not plan to see an extension of build season but if we are lucky we’d see an increase to the withholding allowance however that isn’t a guarantee and when they changed that rule in the past (2010 & 2014) there were some areas who were out almost twice what New England has seen so far.

Come up with a strong battle plan for the remaining two weeks and the time before your first district event. Even taking one entire meeting to come up with a GOOD plan is better than trying to remain productive in dis-organized chaos.