Build Season Music

What do you listen to during build season? Check all that apply, and feel free to put down any favorite bands as well. If you check “other”, please tell us what you listen to.

while i do my work i just listen to whatever comes up on my ipod. but some of the bands at disturbed, hollywood undead, godsmack, theory of a deadman, and metallica.

Your list is lacking. No R&B, no rap,no pop and no alternative.

i do have some of that but i had to comletely reset it so nowi have like 50 or so songs

Foo Fighters

It definitely depends on the night- I have “I’m pumped up because everything is going awesome” playlists, but also playlists for “why are people being so frustrating tonight, grrr I’m mad”, and “whoa, I need to relax” and “who needs to sleep” etc. :wink:

I listen to the same thing I always listen to.


We take turns with who plays the music, but I usually get to monopolize it :slight_smile:

The Guess Who FTW :ahh:

When things get tough at robotics me and my friend sing musicals back and forth to each other >_< there’s also a lot of techno!

There is a nice site that streams a bunch of electronica for free that I love listening to.
Good site for just random stuff to listen to when you are bored with your playlist.

half my team listens to a lot of music from musicals. then the other half, idk punk/metal i think

We heard sweet child of mine SO MANY TIMES in the radio every Saturday morning last year…

I keep telling my team we need to listen to Mission of Burma but only one member knows what in the world I’m talking about. >_>

Last year we eventually had to ban the song Cliffs of Dover by Eric Johnson because one of our members was playing it too much.

I’ve almost always got my ipod in when in the shop although it’s hard not to get pumped up over nothing when your listening to Slipknot, Five Finger Death Punch, White Chapel and others like that. Although on slower days i prefer stuff like KISS, poison, and Motley Crue :smiley:

Well, right now Santana is playing. Depending on who has their MP3 player connected to the sound system, it varies from neoclassical shred metal to pop, blues and rap. (AC/DC is the only thing everybody plays)

Reel Big Fish.

Nine inch nails, Ministry, Alien sex fiend, Marilyn Manson and a whole lot of techno.:slight_smile:

Luckily my boy steve has a hoodie with speakers from CCS so we can listen to whatever we want to really. And pretty much it is always some heavy metal. With some old southern rock thrown in the mix.

I’ve been pretty much forbidden to play the music I have from musicals…I envy you. Same with the classical stuff I have…sadly.

For the design team, it’s mostly a combination of rock from different time periods, with some more modern stuff thrown in. And the essential Dragonforce and Metallica…

And then there’s a few ipods that have quite a bit of dance music…and one where you could go from listening to The Who to some random J-pop, and then some random indie band. :rolleyes:

I’m not too sure what they listen to over in the shop. I haven’t been in there in a while…There was one really special point where we were both listening to the same song at the same time, and we were just a few seconds ahead of them

I’m not allowed to play my music out loud, as I’m the only one who enjoys it.

If I was, things would be a lot more awesome.