Build Your Own Robot Kit

For Christmas I got myself a pretty cool robot kit from

Edward R. Hamilton Bookseller, Falls Village, CT 06031

It was under the DO-IT-YOURSELF,
“Build Your Own Robot Kit” McGraw-Hill list $59.95
Paid $39.95

Includes the remote control, robot hardware, pre-assembled
printed cirucit board and a CD-ROM with
instruction and application.
It is a smaller version of the EDUbot.
I’m not finished yet, but it’s fun.
This maybe good for FIRST rookies.


I got the sumo-bot kit from the same people for christmas. I haven’t really had a chance to play with it, but it looks cool. Its a Basic Stamp 2 with a mobility base and a few sensors. Thats all I wanted, and its about half the cost of some other kits. It has two integrated H-bridge motor controls and a built-in infrared remote control decoder. There are also two infrared sensors and two CDS photocell sensors. I put it together and it zips around pretty well.

Its on sale, 40% off at as part of thier post-christmas sale. I think its around $40.00 right now.

** This is the Mcgraw-Hill (Tab Electronics) kit, NOT the Parallax kit. The parallax kit is a little nicer and about twice the cost.

Ackkkk It’s not really the best thing to start with robotics. You need a basic stamp and an application mod from parallax to program movements in it. The .pdf files that come with it are pretty useful though. There are better robotic kits out there though in my opinion. I heard that the sumo robot kit is supposed to be good with it’s basic stamp 2. The edurobot kit sounds pretty good though from parallax plus there is free .pdf files on programing pbasic on their website. It’s amazing how much information is free.:slight_smile: