Building a field?

We are going to attempt to build a field in hopes of having a scrimmage with local teams, however, we are having a hard time reaching the individuals who have the carpet. Any suggestions?

My contact information for S&S Mills is several years old. Their domain name seems to have expired and been picked up by a generic search host, but I’m pretty sure their phone number is still 800-241-4013. The name I have listed is Mildred Brewton.

Our team went dumpster diving for carpet at the carpet stores! I’m have not seen FIRST publish an official carpet description yet. However the carpet should be similar to 2008.

We will be also having a local scrimmage in Houston as well.
See you guys at Lone Star Regional.

It’s in the arena manual, Section 2.2.1 The FIELD:

The FIELD is covered with carpet (S&S Mills, Sequoia 20 Oz. Level Loop Pile, Color: Ground Pepper).

The name and color of the carpet is identical to 2008 (and going back to 2004 at least).

I called S&S Mills regarding the carpet and they have yet to return my call.

They only accept calls before 4PM. I was having a lot of trouble contacting them, and then a mentor called and it worked right away, thats what I get for not reading the contact site carefully I guess. :S