Building a "How to Market Your Team" booklet

I’m a former mentor for FRC who has also served on regional committees.

I have been asked by two regional committees to put-together a booklet that can assist teams on ways to “market” yourself. I’d like to get this done before school starts!

Whether you’re a rookie team or long-term veterans, the process of marketing your team to your sponsors, funders, teachers, even your parents is a year-round effort.

Teams have put-together fundraising ideas as well as ways to advertise themselves in the community. I’d like to consolidate that information into one resource for all teams.

What can you do?
If your team has already put-together a “fundraising” or “marketing” guide, please let me know (offline e-mail is ""). All contributions will be GRACIOUSLY acknowledged.

If you have had a great success with a way to increase the awareness of your team within your community, go ahead and make a comment here as well.

By October, I hope to be able to publish a FRC/FLL “marketing” guide here for all teams to help build the brand awareness of FIRST and your team within your community.