Building a programmer for the VEX...

Just wondering…has anyone built a programming module for the VEX robotics system yet? If so do you have directions?


take it from that last guy. he works for innovation first.

i tried to build my own programmer, with a pushbutton, a max232, and a handful of capacitors, but wound up ordering a prototype programmer from ifi. when i got it and saw that it included its own little pic i realized the folly of my ways.

anyway, with the programmer in hand and after a little perusal of the sample code it’s pretty easy to get the vex kit to do your bidding. also questions can be posted to the forums at and are usually answered in a timely fashion.

How much are the prototype programming modules? How much will the retail kit sell for?

I was able to purchase one of the prototype units for $99 and some change, plus shipping. It included the circuit board with PIC and supporting circuitry, DB-9 and RJ connectors and “program” push button. Along with the kit was a serial cable and the 6 wire “telephone” style cable. The last item was the same MPLAB CD that comes with the FRC kits. It did not include the Easy-C software that will come with the kit from Radio Shack. But I would truly love to get a copy of that as well. I will be teaching a few new students an intro to programming this year and, from what little I have seen, it looks like a great learning tool.
Sorry, but I have no clue what the production kit will sell for. :frowning: