Building an app to manually deploy code

Would anybody be interested in an app that manually deploys the raw executable? Last year we had alot of trouble using the built in labview deployer, so we started using manual FTP to upload the executable. This worked great for the entire competition season last year, and could be helpful for other teams to be able to do. It also allow’s deploying without LabVIEW installed, and allows backups to be made if needed. Is there any problems with this, and would people like this?

I use C++, but the concept is the same.

I have a Windows BAT file that opens a FTP connection, deletes the previous backup file, renames the current deploy to the backup file name, and sends the current build.

This sounds pretty much like what your program would do, and we find it very helpful.

That might be useful. I would also be interested in seeing the source code for improvements, etc.