Building an electric guitar

I’m thinking of building a stratocaster as a side project while I still have access to the lab. I currently don’t own any electric and even if this ends up sounding awful, it would kinda makes a cool legacy piece to hang on the wall or something. So I’m wondering if anyone here has attempted to build a guitar (or at least a body) from scratch? Tips are appreciated.


Welp, there goes my dreams.

Replace “not” with “definitely” and we have a winner.

If you can’t feel the AC current literally flowing through your nerves, are you even enjoying the music?

On a more serious note, during the summer of 2018 there was summer school on how to build your own electric guitar. They had rough blanks you could start with and some blocks if you were going to roll your own. Most went with the starter blanks. 90% of the project is the woodworking. Dropping the pickups in and doing the wiring was less than a day.

If you just want to build one then Amazon is your friend with a cheap kit of everything. But since you are a roboteer, you are going to want to old school it. Lots of sites have instructions, go for it.

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