Building an electric vehicle using a cim motor

Hello there,

I want to build a 200 kilogram electric vehicle using 10 cim motors. Which battery would make sense to use for this system? Can this be done? Can the vehicle climb smoothly at 10% slope?

Thank you :slight_smile:

The CIM is not a continuous-duty motor. If I recall, it’s duty cycle is more like 20%. You will likely be better off with a single larger motor than 10 CIM motors. But, if 10 CIM motors is what you have, it can be done. I’d use a very large 12V AGM battery, probably in the realm of 100 Amp-Hours capacity. You can look at MK batteries. Alternatively, you could use a car battery, or better yet a deep cycle marine battery, or possibly even some golf cart batteries (typically 6V) wired in series. Sam’s Club used to have some decent prices on batteries. As for the slope, I think it would work fine if you do your calculations and design it right.