Building Complete SmartDashboard

After a frustrating experience with LinePlots during the season, I decided to take a whack at the SmartDashboard.

I found this thread and the posts it links to: ; didn’t want to reopen it.

Currently, I can build and my modifications seem to work. I test them by using “./gradle run” to launch the built version. However, the build process doesn’t seem to create the correct type of .jar to be launched by the Driver Station.

For example, the original SmartDashboard.jar (in wpilib/tools/) can be launched from a bash shell with:

java -jar “SmartDashboard.jar”

or by double-clicking it. None of the outputs from the build seem to be viable for this. The output build/libs/SmartDashboard.jar gives the error “no main manifest attribute”, and is too small to contain the libraries anyway (~300k vs. 4M).

I was hoping to be able to create a replacement file for the wpilib SmartDashboard. Is there a different process or different tactic I should be using to feed this replacement SmartDashboard build to the Driver Station?

Did you already try making it an executable with chmod?

run gradlew shadowjar

Thanks, that did exactly what I wanted!