Building defenses

Hello, our team is planning on building the defenses this week. Did any of you guys encounter any common problems? Is there anything we should be aware of or look put for?
Thanks for the Help

Pretty straightforward we got all Category B & D made also tower, working on climbing bar and Category A as we speak
Good luck

When building the rough terrain put at least two screws in each block- also your rough terrain well get super chipped if it’s made of wood

Make sure you check out team update 4 because there was a change in the original field drawings to the rockwall dimensions. If you’re just printing the cut sheets now then you should be good, but I’d still double check it. (I think it’s update 4, it might be 3 if it’s not in that one.)

To replicate the metal surface we’ll see in actual competition, we covered the top of the moat, rock wall, ramparts, and cheese fries with aluminum flashing. This way we’ll see similar traction with the drive train and reflectivity with our sensors.

Mmmmmm. :cool: