Building .EXE for Rectangular Target Example

I have made a number of modifications to the example. When I build a .EXE, it generates a file that will not load. It is looking for a number of files that appear to be associated with the simulator. Last year this was a 5 minute process. How do I generate a standalone .exe for the example?

Yeah. The simulator complicates the camera stuff. The camera VIs were originally written so that they communicate to an external intelligent device, the camera. But for the simulator, we want to talk to a fake camera, and well, really we don’t want to act like the camera, so it just grabs some stuff from the simulator.

The trigger to decide between real and fake is the target that it is running on. cRIO is real, PC is fake. But the dashboard is on the PC too, and thus things get complicated.

Next year we’ll probably make dashboard specific camera property and Open VIs. Until then, if you delete the Open and property VIs that would normally set white balance, that gets rid of the references.

My VIs are in a bad state, so let me know if this doesn’t work for you.

Greg McKaskle

Hi Greg,
I replaced the Open with a CAMERA REGISTRY/Open and deleted the WB routine.
It compiles and loads. I’m not at school so I can’t try it. I’m headed in shortly and will let you know how it goes.

I get good status after REGISTRY and SET COLOR ENABLE. I get a 44003 error after SET BRIGHT.
Second Update:
I just tried a couple of times and it works now - Thanks