Building GradleRIO for Java

I’m trying to get a usable build (and deploy) setup using just Gradle with Java, without installing VSCode (on MacOS 10.14.2).

Looking at the instructions it says to download, which I did, and I extracted the .zip file. The instructions say that I just need to run “./gradlew build”

But when I do, I get:

FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

  • Where:

Build file ‘/Users/david/frc2019/GradleRIOjava/build.gradle’ line: 3

  • What went wrong:

Plugin [id: ‘edu.wpi.first.GradleRIO’, version: ‘4242.1.1-ci’] was not found in any of the following sources:

… and so on.

Any clues on what my problem is?


Check out this GradleRIO Issue for details and a solution:

Also, it appears as though 2019.2.1 should be out “soon”.

Bingo, that did it. Thanks.