Building the field :: where can I get the carpet?

Where can I get the carpet for the field? You guys got any specs for the carpet?

In the past it has been Sequoia 20 from SS Mills

well I’m in Puerto Rico . . . any other place I can get it without having to buy it over the internet?

Its just normal industrial carpet with a rubber back. I can post pictures of what it looks like fi you want to buy some.

that would be nice and if you had some specs . . . width . . . material . . . that would help a lot too

It’s super basic, it doesn’t even have a rubber back from what I’ve seen, (the weight of the player stations and field perimeter hold it down) nothing too complex. SS Mills doesn’t have an exact copy of it on their website, but it’s a level loop thread carpet. Looking at the site, River Bed looks the closest to the real thing

Carpeted field? Bravo guys.

We only built three spider legs so far…

Our school has the same carpet if not the same its pretty close so we always go to the school at night and practice there.

Is your team building a full field?

the thing is that the competition is on a carpeted field so we need the carpet to try out our drivetrain and to protect the wheels from wearing out

We got our carpet donated from a local store. I know other team have taken home the old competition field carpet afterwards but that maybe harder in your case.

Be careful about the type of carpet you use if your autonomous code involves any type of dead reckoning. In 2004 our auto code was completely dead reckoning, but the carpet in our practice area was slightly different than that at the competition. We could pick up or knock off the 10 point bonus ball about 90% of the time in practice, but when we got to the regional, we could only knock it off about 25% of the time, and sometimes we completely missed our own ball and hit our opponents.

Long story short - I wouldn’t use any dead reckoning if I didn’t have the exact field carpet.