Building the Field

Has anyone found an easy way to cut the 16 degree angles needed for the scoring platforms?

I am sure there are a few expert wood workers on here that can make some suggestions.

We used a belt sander and got close enough. Works just fine

Use a table saw with an acute angle jig. Something like this
a belt saner might also work.

Not that I recommend this for safety, but we set the blade to 16 and just stood the board upright against the guide

Our woodshop has not one but three table saws, all of which can be adjusted to any angle between ~20 and 90 degrees, so we we’re able to rip the board using a fence at a precise angle. It worked out quite well.

This is actually the right way to do this. But to make it safe, screw or clamp it to a sacrificial piece of wood like a 2x4. Just make sure that the screws are clear of the blade and rip to your final width after the angle is cut.