Building the Playing Field

Has anyone undertaken the task of building part of the playing field yet? The CogSquad, 6, just got together this morning at RBayer’s house :wink: and constructed a full section of the ramp.

Anyone done this yet?

For those of you that are planning to, the plans are at the FIRST website here: The plans are a little confusing, and well if you don’t want to use trigonometry or make your brain hurt, I’ve made a file in Inventor that has the angled parts of the ramp with all the measurements if anyone wants it.

Anyone already done, post pictures!!!

I just uploaded a few pictures of our full sized ramp that we had for kickoff. Just waiting for them to be approved.


edit: preview:

our full field should be done in another week…

fun stuff :slight_smile:


151 has a completed bridge with lexan sides and all minus metal frame work, we just used wood

We built a full ramp yesterday. We put on everything except the lexan sides (we used wood instead). Now, we get to tie up a whole room at the Troy Visteon office for six weeks. Yay!

team 1126 has started but needs a lot more work on the field.

we are building a wood version of the ramp minus the sides. today we built he main section.

We haven’t cut a single piece of field anything:( :mad:

are field is complete, but we decided to only build one ramp and the platform

Part of one side of our ramp is done. Did I ever mention that we’re building it in Ames? :smiley: We’re making half of it in the regular materials and the other half with cheap stuff :slight_smile:

Team 906 has 4 ramps and an enlarged single platform to accomidate the ramps. So basically we are making 2/3 of the ramp in order to save alot of room and a little money.

*Originally posted by Clark Gilbert *
**Just waiting for them to be approved. **

They’re up. Sorry for the delay :slight_smile:

I’ve been told that building the ramp is very expensive. We’re waiting on space to clear up before building ours. What price range has your team spent on your ramp? With or without the copper mesh and HDPE top? Thanks for the help

We’re sharing costs w/ other teams to build one whole ramp. Each team is only spending $96. We are using mesh and that slick top stuff.

We have our full field complete. The hole ramp and platform is all set up. We have the four human player stations and the four driver boxes all set up. We have the lines all marked off. now all we need is a robot. We have the 2 last years running around and put together the drill motors and motor mounts for this years gave it a frame and thru controls on it to try everything out.

Well just wanted to let you all know where team 69’s currently at.

Cant wait till we hold our mini meet. All are welcome to come!

Just about done with the thing, should have it completed Wednesday. We went with plywood sides instead of the clear. We’ll probably cut port holes in it so the drivers can see a little better. We do have the slick floor on top and the mesh on the ramps. Any local teams wishing to use it should contact Mr. Martus at PCHS and we’ll try and accomodate you.