Built by Design

This summer’s FIRST Autodesk interns have created a streamlined tutorial series, “Built by Design”, to teach Autodesk Inventor. Specifically made for FIRST students, the videos take you through the process of modeling a complete robot. The series takes robot design from the first sketches to the final showcasing of the robot. Through the process of the tutorial series the intern team modeled their own robot, which is available for download to follow along with the videos. Included in the design process are design acceleration tools, to make modeling complicated assemblies faster. Included along with the series is a fully downloadable CAD library of pre-made parts commonly used for FRC.

Built by Design was faced by Nathan Fuller (2733), and worked on by Amy Wiegand, Daniel Bramblett (1510), Daniel Wilkins(2915), Ian Walters (2374), Jake Gilbert (2915), and Stephen Snellgrove (3131).

You can find these videos at our Wiki or on the Autodesk Education Community Site

The Autodesk Interns

We are also on Oregon FIRST.
I think I speak for all the Autodesk Interns when I ask where are all the posts? Any comments? Suggestions? ANYTHING AT ALL (that applies)?!

In the mean time, I will be hitting the refresh button every minute hoping to get a response.

Well IMO, its great, however its not very in-depth at the beginning. It skips over many of the basic modeling techniques, such as a chamfer or fillet. However, once the series got out of the basics, it was AWESOME.

Everyting else was great though, especially the iLogic and Design acceleration tips.

Basically, I recommend this series to all who have a basic knowledge of CADding in Inventor; if you already know how to make workplanes and use the 3D modeling techniques, this is for you.

I just want to say THANK YOU for giving feed back on our video series… I was getting a little worried that either no one had seen it (yet) or that it was really bad that people did not know what to say about it.