BulahBots! 3753 Robot video 2013

Greeting everybody! This is our robot Charizard for Ultimate Ascent.

We are very pleased with what we have accomplished this year with all the constrains that we had. We could not have done this without the help of our school, sponsors, mentors, parents and the help that team 3337 gave for letting us use some of their tools.

Please check out our video!

We hope to see you soon in Nationals we are very exited!

Awesome video!! Congrats on your success at Bayou!! You guys really approached the game well have a great robot to prove it. We’ll be rooting for you guys at St. Louis next week!!

Thank you we had a lot of fun and we are really proud with our results and vitory in Bayou. Most importantly was to see what the students were able to do and the great things that they will be able to see in St.Louis!
Thank you Xavier we will need a lot of cheers!:smiley: