Bulldozing one boulder at a time: is it legal?

If the boulder is kept in front of the bot with no boulder “inside” it?

Technically, that would be Herding, and is a valid method of controlling a boulder. As long as you do not control more than one boulder at a time, that is fine.

Great! Thank you so much.

Follow up.

If I didn’t want the risk of foul by driving through my opponent’s secret passage, I would have to “heard” the boulder through one of the defenses, which would double up as weakening it (provided all the parameters for weakening are met), true?

Uh, you could probably reread the rules for crossing defenses.

If you cross into THEIR courtyard through THEIR secret passage, it’s not risking a foul, it IS a foul. In fact, it’s a tech foul if you do it a few times.

The only way you’re allowed to enter the opponent’s courtyard is through a defense in the OUTER WORKS.

Back on topic: In your situation, I believe that the described method is a valid way to have a ball enter the opponent’s courtyard, as you’re correct in that you’re herding the ball, which is considered control

Whoa! Thanks for the clarification. Helps a lot.

Yes, remember, it’s a “secret passage” to get into their castle and bypass their own defenses. Meaning ostensibly only their own alliance knows about it and knows how to use it. As far as your alliance is concerned, it doesn’t even exist (which is essentially how the rules frame it).

Also relevant is G40:

So, you may herd the boulder up and over a defense, and it can even roll away from you into the courtyard, but you must complete your crossing of the defense right there.

Yes, that makes sense. Thank you.

Very good to know. Thank you.