BumbleB 3339 Deep Space Robot Reveal - ArmStrong

BumbleB 3339 is proud to present our latest creation



Love it ! Great song choice too!

Is your intake roller covered in velcro?

Actually there are 2 intake rollers on the intake arm, one is covered with velcro for the Discs and the other is covered with gripping material for the balls

Great job!

Great robot as always!

Thank you all

118 2018 design has seemingly rubbed off on a few teams this year… :slight_smile:

Nice looking bot.

For the lift, are those legs drawer slides with a rack and pinion gear to lower/raise them? That’s what they look like, but they’re fast so I’m not certain. Nice robot and space to practice in.

Awesome as usual. It almost looked like your robot was going to pick up the Loading Station along with the Hatch Panel.

Yes, rack and pinion

Absolutely love this design. So seamless and love the hatch ground pickup as well. Good luck to you this year!

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Very nicely done.

Would you mind sharing the info on which rack and pinion set you used? Our build team is trying to redesign our climbing mechanism, but doesn’t have any experience with using a rack and pinion yet.



We bought the rack from transdev.co.uk
It is 1.25 mod rack made from delrin - very strong.
The pinion is 18 tooth 20 dp gear from vexpro.

One of our mentors is a pro mech engineer & designer with decades of experience, and he pointed out the rack module of 1.25 mm is equivalent to a diametral pitch of 20.32, which can be accommodated by a 20 DP gear with an increase in center distance. As long as the teeth have adequate bending strength, the gear and rack can work together.

He said he would not make that choice to go with the slight mismatch (though it would complicate sourcing the parts). Did you see any problems at all from it?

No problem at all - 2 district events, district championship and Detroit championship - total of 69 official matches.
See this video https://youtu.be/qrPVganHzNo

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