Bump Size Changed?

As seen on the Team Update 2 (http://www.usfirst.org/uploadedFiles/Robotics_Programs/FRC/Game_and_Season__Info/2010_Assets/Team_Updates/Team%20Update%202.pdf) The bump height has been changed, does this mean that the length of the base is different too to accommodate the angle? Our team has not been able to find out, here is an excerpt-

“Two BUMPS are located at approximately one-third of the length of the FIELD. Each BUMP is 13¼ inches high off the FIELD surface, 12 inches wide at the top, and extends across the spaces between the TOWER and the Guardrail System.”


They just adjusted it so with all the carpet and materials it now 13.25

This was never changed. The bump has always been 13.25 as per the released field drawings. There was a reference in the game animation/ quick game description which said 12 inches. If you built your bump to the plans you should not have to change anything.

The actual size of the bump was always 13 1/4". If you built your bump using the official game drawings then you shouldn’t have any problems, as those end up being 13 1/4". For some reason though the manual stated that the bumps were 12" high. The update just adjusted the manual to the real height of the bump. As for if the length changed, well it didn’t because the bump never changed. If you built your bump to 12" high though, its possible. We’re locked out of the shop today but I’ll be happy to measure our bump for you if you’d like (which is the right height).

Check out the official drawing below. A 12 7/16" “rib”(i.e. support) with a 3/4" piece of ply lying flat on top of that to complete the top of the bump adds up to just under 13 1/4" (13 3/16 inches is the accurate height if you want to get specific). The manual was just wrong for a while.

EDIT: yeah, what Greg said.

Bump.pdf (23.1 KB)

Bump.pdf (23.1 KB)

They just corrected some confusion about the carpet’s effect on the drawings. The height is in fact 13.25", and can be confirmed using some basic SOH-CAH-TOA on the other dimensions. :stuck_out_tongue: