Bump Test

The Team Figured that Chief Delphi Might like an example of a Mecanum Robot crossing the scoring platform. Very interesting effects were observed in anything other than a straight run at the bump.

Team member added for extra weight, and amusement.

Great video, thanks for sharing.

TY for sharing your test.

Now just add a SWITL and an elevator (to each end or side to pick up and deliver Totes, and you have it made! (Hey if they can pick up & put back down condiments like that, it has to do wonders with Totes!) It is just teflon wrapped around a sliding plate. We can do that!

I still have not figured out exactly why you would use one though (who really cares if it changes shape)…Is that just in case they didn’t want mayo on the burger…you take it off without causing harm to the burger surface? Lol.

Got a quick little correction to make.
This video was taken with the wrong side of the HDPE on the surface. Instead of the “orange peel” side up we have “slick and not as creative a name” side up.

There was a Q&A about that (HDPE has 2 surfaces)…The Tote Chute has the “slick” type surface up, the scoring platform(s) and ramp(s) have the “orange peel” type surfaces up.

Did you attempt to repeat the test later w/ the proper “orange peel” surface up? Any differences if Yes?

No because in the first test we nailed it, by that I mean the HDPE was all but nailed down so reversing the entire thing wasn’t doable in the time frame we had.