Bumper Brackets

Can the brackets that attach to the bumpers extend past the bumper zone. The bumpers are still in the bumper zone, but part that attaches the bumpers to the robot extends out of the zone. Is this legal?


If the bracket is part of the robot frame (not part of the bumper), and extends above 10" or below 2", it should be fine. The bumpers themselves need to be within the bumper zone.

If the brackets you are referring to are permanently part of the bumper, then the answer is “No”. Everything that attaches to the main bumper is part of the bumper.
[R29] says:

Bumpers must be located **entirely **within the Bumper Zone when the Robot is standing normally on a flat floor.
(emphasis added)

Also, [R33] says:

Bumpers must be supported by the structure/frame of the Robot (i.e. each end of the Bumper must be rigidly attached to the Frame Perimeter, …

so I’m not sure why you would want your brackets extending outside the zone.

A picture would probably help us answer your question more directly.

As I interpret your question, the brackets would legally need to be part of the robot frame, and must therefore fit inside the sizing box and would then also establish the frame perimeter.

Making an exterior vertex & requiring 8" of bumper on either side? (assuming they poke out from the frame.)

Here is a picture

If that’s above 10", then you’ll need to trim it down. Bumpers need to be within the bumper zone (and attachments on the bumper side are part of the bumper).

I’d also think about using somewhat heftier screws; the ones you have on there are looking like they might be a little on the non-durable side.

I agree that the top of the strip needs to be under 10" above the floor. The frame perimeter is set (theoretically) by wrapping a string around the frame within the bumper zone. It may not produce a vertex but it does set the outer limit of the frame perimeter plane and it must not exceed the maximum robot dimension as judged by the sizing box.

I’d suggest protecting that cRIO a bit more than shown. Usually you want the cRIO in a location that minimizes the likely hood of damage… I can easily see another bot’s bridge tipper or falling robot doing some serious damage to it where you have it now.