Bumper Color Legality

Here is a picture of our new red bumper color, on the left, next to the original color, on the right. I’m sorry for posting more, my mentor said I should ask these questions!

The bumper sub-section of the inspection checklist reads, “Must be able to display red or blue (color similar to FIRST Logo) Bumpers to match alliance color” This bumper color was supposed to be an alternative to the standard red, do you guys think that it will pass inspection? We’ve also ordered regular red just in case the orange-ish color isn’t given the okay by our inspector.

I mean if the inspector hasn’t given the okay than it might not

The inspectors arent going to tell them yes/no till the event, so theyre asking here to get a better idea if they should fix a potential issue before its too serious…

OP, I think its too orange, but im also not an inspector by any means. Id have the other red on hand personally.

Is there some way I can ask ahead of time? We won’t see them until our regional otherwise.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought IF you had connections to an LRI you could have them inspect your robot and see if it would pass inspection or not?

While youre not wrong, not everyone can ring up an LRI. The nearest we can contact is across the state IIRC.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought IF you had connections to an LRI you could have them inspect your robot and see if it would pass inspection or not?

If they won’t actually inspect us, we could at least ask “what do you think of this color? Would you O.K. it??”

iirc, if you have connections to an LRI they could inspect it and you could POSSIBLY get an inquiry about your bumpers

Robot inspector (NOT an LRI) here.

I cannot say for certain in any circumstance what a Robot Inspector, Referee, or LRI would decide during an event.

Personally, if it is described by the store you bought it in as red, I would allow it. It doesn’t seem too orange to me - it looks pretty much red. In my personal, unofficial opinion, I would not fail your bumpers provided that they meet all the other requirements.

I would however recommend the following:

  • Keep your receipts for the cloth
  • Bring the other cloth that you can staple over with some white paint as a worst-case scenario
  • Be Gracious Professionals when your inspector arrives.

I’ve never heard of bumpers not being red or blue enough.

Good luck!


Not at all an inspector, but that looks red enough to me.

looks like red we’ve used in the past.

Keep in mind lighting will play a factor in this as well

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Are you sure you’re looking at the right checklist? This year’s doesnt say anything about similar to the FIRST logo

Thank you very much, my team and I appreciate it!

I would say that it’s okay since you will clearly be able to differentiate between the red and blue bumpers. However, @Jon_Stratis might have a better idea and standing coming from the point of view as an LRI.

As a fellow inspector I agree with Brennan, save your receipt, make sure it calls out on the receipt that the color is “Red”. I also would not fail your inspection based on the color but I I would take it to the LRI at the event, just so the question has been answered by all and therefore if questioned by another team you have had the powers that be already approve it.

Just checked, the one I was looking at was 2018. 2019 says, “Must be able to display red or blue to match alliance color.” Thank you for pointing this out, it will make our case for this color better!

looks pretty red to me based on the picture. The lighting might be off, but it looks closer than the other fabric to the logo color.


I am not an LRI, but I am an inspector and I would pass that based on the picture you have posted. Your inspector/LRI might have a different opinion than me.

It’s red bro

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Seems like they shipped you the wrong product. I see orange and red, in that last picture. But in the end the LRI makes th call. Very likely they will let you play using the orange bumpers :joy: