Bumper Color

I have been supplied a website to order bumper material from. But I have a question- What colors fit the rules the best? We were thinking Barn Red and Mariner Blue. As a rookie, I would like some opinions.


I agree with your color choices.

Thank you! :]

Just placed an order for 4 yards of each color, so it better be right! :stuck_out_tongue:

Now then, what color should the numbers be …

We have been discussing that with out mentor team- we’re leaning towards white. I had considered red on blue and blue on red but we figured that that wouldn’t be visible enough. So hopefully white will work :slight_smile:

We are all in the same boat on colors. We have never had a robot rule legislating bumper colors. As long as you can be identified as red or blue you should be OK. Don’t forget that your team numbers have to be on the bumpers on four sides as well.

How do most teams go about attaching their team numbers and still making it look nice? We tried paint the last two years with little success…

Use an opposite color fabric and stitch it to the bumper material

True. But Al, not all of us have a tradition of tie dyed bumpers for elimination matches. What will Wildstang do?

We are praying and making sacrifices to the gods in hopes of divine intervention.

Tied dyed numbers.

Maybe really BIG ONES, get it?

We get them screen printed at the same time as our t-shirts.

<R15> Teams shall display their team number on the BUMPERS in four
locations at approximately
90-degree intervals around the perimeter of the ROBOT. The numerals must be at least 4
inches high, at least in ¾-inch stroke width and in a contrasting color from its
background. Team Numbers must be clearly visible from a distance of not less than 100
feet, so that judges, referees, and announcers can easily identify competing ROBOTS.:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

No one could miss that pun, Al.

I thought the customized bumper colors for teams were awesome. 111’s tie dye, 1511’s camo, and our own 418 purple tie dye are just a few that come to mind. I’ll bet it will be a lot easier to follow the alliances in the matches, though.

P.S. Doesn’t Mariner Blue sound watery? :slight_smile:

Just hope that they don’t misinterpret and send Bovine Intervention onto the other alliance…

(Yes, I know that’s a bad pun…)

You mean like these???

Dana is right, it would violate <R15>

Nah, doesn’t violate <R15> - that says “at least” 4 inches.

But it would violate <R07> because the BIG ONES would become part of the BUMPER, and then the BUMPER would be outside the BUMPER ZONE.

The BIG ONES always elevate the gameplay and keep everyone is suspense.

Yep, those are the ONEs. You can’t imagine how hard it is to keep them straight.