Bumper Configuration

Our team is curious as to if in Finale Configuration the bumper rules all still apply. In the rules when defining where the bumpers go it says in NORMAL CONFIGURATION. Does this mean that during the FINALE the bumpers can move/be articulated/ change orientation.
Anyone know?

good question i would post on Q&A

Alright, will do. Thank you.

Unfortunately you posted your question to New Topics, where the GDC will delete it. You need to have your main mentor contact submit it using the account and password found in TIMS.

im pretty sure they have top stay stationary during the whole match… although it would be pretty cool i don’t think it is allowed

I would say that it is completely legal. I say this because you have to go out of the bumper zone in order to elevate. So the bumpers no longer apply. It is my impression that it is legal. But please, don’t hold me to it.

Does the frame perimeter articulate? If the frame perimeter articulates to move bumpers, you’re in violation of <R11>. <R11> does not not apply during Finale Configuration.