Bumper Corner Coverage

I’ve attached a couple photos of the current bumper corners of our robot, and I was wondering what your take on them is. They seem to correspond with 4.3.2, in that there is coverage all the way around, it’s just the question if it’s enough. I didn’t see any rules requiring a constant padding width, so… :confused:



They seem to be constructed in accordance with the bumper design rules, but I can see why you’re concerned. I would have extended the noodles into the overlap instead of using a vertical section there.

But what’s with the white bumper? That’s not going to pass inspection.

Those are pretty much SOP bumpers, other than the white.

Ok, thanks for the reply. The white is just an extra fabric layer underneath, keeping our embroidered numbers on the outer fabric protected, and the pool noodles taught and held well in place :slight_smile:

My team uses hot glue to hold the noodles in place and we never had a problem with them falling off.

I guess I neglected to mention that the noodles are liquid nail’ed to the ply as well… they are not coming off ever :rolleyes:

It would appear from your pictures that your corners are constructed in legal manner. The test during inspection would be to press in on the corner and check that no “hard parts” are encountered. Many teams use this same method, although the horizontal noodles extend a little further to give extra added protection to the corner.