Bumper Design Legality

Here is a video of our updated and completed bumper design. There are 4 of the connectors shown in the video, one in each corner of the chassis. Each has one pin but we want to add another to the other side of the whole fitting so it can’t wiggle like shown in the video.

Bumper design is very open ended, and this conforms to all rules within the bumper section of the game manual, but I still wanted your guys’ take on whether or not inspectors will find it rigid and safe enough after we get another pin to mirror the one already in there.

Criticism or ideas to improve our design for next year would also be appreciated!

add the 2nd pin and i think you will be golden.

Looks perfectly legal and rigid enough for me.

I could see them maybe fussing over the pins falling out since it looked pretty loose going in.

Looks like a neat idea, and well thought out. If I were an inspector, I’d pass it.

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