bumper design

bumper for front, 6in long, 3.5 overhang past bump perimeter. image attached( I think)

any thoughts,


2960.pdf (6.03 KB)

2960.pdf (6.03 KB)

The answer to this official Q&A provides the answer to your question. Please refer to it for guidance.

Any information you obtain here is unofficial and unverified. Including this message.


Illegal - the bumper at the top is officially only 2.5" long since that’s the length that includes every element that defines a “bumper”.


Q & A says the length of the bumper must be at least 6 inches, and that the length of the bumper is the determined from the portion that includes the backing board, the pool noodles and the covering cloth.

Your bumper on the front is only 2.50 inches long by that definition.

Sorry, not legal. Length of the bumpers is determined by the length that has all the elements of the bumper (backing, noodles, cloth). Your front bumper is only 2.5" long. You need to add 3.5 inches to the right side to be legal. Adding to the left side puts backing in the corner. This also means that you probably need to add 3.5" of frame to keep the bumper backed.

The GDC has clarified this in the Q&A multiple times; I include the first one. http://forums.usfirst.org/showthread.php?t=10959

Later ones may be clearer.

Per Dave’s comment - I didn’t actually say “anything definitive”. You really need to get in the habit of reading the rules and Q&A responses.


Welcome to FRC, Bernie. As stated above, sorry but that won’t fly.

It looks like a significant number of teams, even this late in the build season, do not yet understand the bumper rules, team updates, and the clarifications in the Q&A forums. CD only has a portion of teams reading these posts, so from what we are seeing I would imagine a signifcant number of teams will be considered illegal due to their design. If repairs can not be made in the pits to correct this issues, we will unfortunately see a lot of “push bots” that started out as shooters. I encourage, as a point of strategy, that all teams think about how they might be able to correct/fix these design flaws for those teams that might end up being their alliance partner.