Bumper Fabric deal this year?

Last year, Old Trail Fabric put together a nice red and blue fabric package of bumper material. Our bumpers still look terrific and I’d like to use their material once again. Does anyone know if they’re doing a package deal again this year?

Otherwise, I’m hunting up our old receipts and ordering the same again.

Yes! Old Trail Fabric http://www.oldtrailfabric.com/ has a package deal this year. http://www.oldtrailfabric.com/servlet/the-82/red-blue-cordura-nylon/Detail Well, actually, it is the same cost as 2 yards of blue and 2 yards of red added together. But it was the cheapest of the three places I check out every year for fabric!

Very nice!
I’m going to pass this around to our rookies.

Andymark has this and this for about 11 dollars less.

Thanks everyone! If everything was as easy as this…

Trying to Help

Seattle Fabrics has 1000 D cordura for $13.50 per yard.

Currently out of stock on both, as well as pool noodles.

Excellent! From an inspector’s viewpoint I take the fact that AndyMark being out of stock on bumper materials this early in the build season to mean that EVERYONE is including bumpers in their design from the beginning and getting them built early rather than leaving them as a week 6 after thought! Outstanding teams! Thank you!

( Please don’t prove me wrong by showing up to your competitions with poorly constructed bumpers that aren’t built to spec, loosely hanging on your robot that you clearly tried to figure out how to attach as you were running to the inspection station 5 minutes before your first qualification match.)

Another good supplier is

Does the material have to be 1000 dernier Cordura or will any very heavy weight nylon with a urethane coating work??

We have always used Duck Canvas. Jo-Ann Fabrics carries both a vibrant red and a royal blue that are quite close to the FIRST colors. It’s heavy enough, tough enough and stays nice looking throughout the year. The vinyl numbers also stick very well to it. The total cost for 48" (by 60") of both colors was $13.

To see the red bumpers on the robot go to our home page:

To any teams who have yet to order, I recommended Rocky Woods.

They shipped the order VERY promptly, and even let me modify the order late last night after business hours were closed.

They also stocked some other items necessary to our design.