Bumper/frame question

from the bumper rules it states that the bumpers need to be at least 8" on each side of the robot… does this need to be a contiguous 8" or can it be split into two 4" pieces?

8" is the minimum length…look here:


Contiguous 8". Q&A has the following to say (among several other answers in the same vein:

                         Game - The Robot » Bumper Rules » R27                             
                                                  Q. **Two  teams have asked for the same information and you keep refering us back  to the rules. If we have a U-shaped front on the bot can each leg be  less than 8"? This appear to be an issue with rule R27. 8" required  bumper from each eaterior vertice.  Please clarify for multiple teams!

**A. Per Rules [R27] and [R33] Bumpers must be at least 8 in. long and. and backed by rigid members of the Frame Perimeter on each end.

                         Game - The Robot » Bumper Rules                             
                                                  Q. **Does  the 8 in. of bumper required on each side of an exterior vertex have to  be a continuous section or would multiple sections be legal as long as  they totaled 8 in. per side?  Can the “non-plywood backed” portion of  the bumper mentioned in [G28] C be counted toward this 8 in. required by  4.1.6?

**A. The 8 in. of Frame Perimeter immediately on either side of an exterior vertex must be covered by a Bumper.

There needs to be 8 inches of bumper on each side of each corner or vertex. So assuming a 4 sided robot, there needs to be a minimum of 16 inches of frame covered by bumper on each side. that minimum of 16 inches of bumper would need to be in two 8 inch pieces starting at each corner with a max 12 inch gap on the 28 inch side and a max of 22 inch gap on the 38 inch side.

If you wanted to make a very small robot, with one side <16 inches, it would be legal, as long as it’s at least 8 inches, and no breaks in between the corners. Each vertex would still have the minimum 8".

Ya, true.