bumper guideline question

good day chief delphi forums!
i have a request
i need clarification on rule r29 of the bumpers regarding the “minimum of one inch at each end of the bumper being backed by the frame perimeter.”
what does it mean?

It means there needs to be a member of your frame supporting the bumper for at least an inch at each end. For teams that don’t have a solid frame member throughout their frame perimeter, this means they have to add support structure at the corners no matter how else the bumper is supported.

BUMPERS must be supported by the structure/frame of the ROBOT (see Figure 4-6). To be considered supported:

a minimum of 1 in. at each end of the BUMPER must be backed by the FRAME PERIMETER,

By saying “supporting” do you interpret the rule to mean that a part of the robot must be fastened to the bumper for at least an inch at each end, or that there must be a be a part of the frame simply present there, “backing” the bumper?

The rule says supported. What that means is that there has to be something there. Whether it’s just backing or goes to fastening will depend on a number of other items, including what is in the middle of the bumper. If there was a longish gap, for instance, I would expect some fastening in that last inch. If it were solid, I would probably not expect fastening in the last inch.

If your bumper can move away from the frame with little effort, it probably isn’t secure enough.

All the bumper rules must be followed. To be ‘supported’ the bumper has to be mounted on the frame such that the figures shown in the rules are satisfied. the 1" overhang prevents teams from having bumpers be cantilevered beyond the supporting frame by more than inch, also shown in the drawings in this section.